Supporting Veterans and their Families

North Carolina is home to more than 100,000 active-duty military personnel and nearly 800,000 veterans. Those who served in our armed forces are among the best our country has to offer, and they deserve our gratitude, not only when they protect our interests around the world, but also when they come home. 

That’s why, as Attorney General, I stood with a bipartisan group of Attorneys General to protect VA benefits from scammers and urged the Supreme Court to protect the GI benefits our veterans earned. I also fought to protect veterans’ access to the health care they need and deserve and to protect military families from scammers who target them.

North Carolina is the most veteran-friendly state in America, and as Governor, I’ll keep it that way. That means ensuring veterans can get good jobs, receive job training, find affordable housing, get the health care they need, and start a small business after their military service.