Josh is proud his campaign for Governor has been endorsed by a diverse group of more than 150 officials from across North Carolina.

Governor Roy Cooper

“I’m excited to endorse Josh Stein to be the next Governor of North Carolina. He’s driven by a steadfast commitment to the people of our great state. That’s why he’ll work to invest in students and public schools, quality health care for hardworking people, and better jobs that make life more affordable for the middle class. With a record of results and a clear-eyed vision for our future, Josh is ready to do this job.”

AFL-CIO President MaryBe McMillian

“Working families need a governor with the courage to take on big fights and the temperament to bring people together to win those fights and make our state better for all North Carolinians. Josh Stein has always fought to protect working people.”

State Senator Natalie Murdock

“It is my honor to provide an enthusiastic endorsement for Josh Stein to serve as the next governor of our great state. I am a native North Carolinian so I am deeply invested in ensuring our state has the strong principled, visionary and ethical leadership it needs so that All North Carolinians can thrive. Josh Stein will be that type of Governor and is exactly what our state needs.”

District Attorney Matt Scott

“Attorney General Stein has assisted the Robeson County District Attorney’s Office by handling some of our most complex homicide cases and seeking justice for several families in Robeson County. Also, his work in negotiating the opioid settlement will allow Robeson County the opportunity to seek programs to address the opioid crisis which is devastating our community. This work, his work, will be an integral part of bringing hope to the feeling of hopelessness plaguing our community.”

Former Justice Sam J. Ervin IV

“I have known Josh since my time at the Utilities Commission, when he ably led the Attorney General’s work on behalf of consumers. And I have followed his career in the State Senate and as Attorney General, where he worked hard on behalf of all North Carolinians. I am pleased to support his candidacy for Governor and look forward to what he can do to better life in our State.”

Former Congresswoman Eva Clayton

“Attorney General Josh Stein has always been a strong advocate for everyone, including small town North Carolinians. He is a proven leader who produces results. He is invested in the future of this state, and I know he will work tirelessly for the people of North Carolina as Governor.”

NCAE President Tamika Walker Kelly

“Josh Stein is a proven champion for pro-public-school policies and has the best interests of our students, public school communities and staff at heart.”

State Representative Pricey Harrison

“Josh holds polluters accountable and makes them pay to clean up the messes that they make. He’s also working hard to create a clean energy future. I’m endorsing him because he has a proven record of getting results on the issues that matter.”

Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough

“As Attorney General, Josh Stein tackled the rape kit backlog bringing justice to survivors and putting rapists behind bars.”

Former Governor Jim Hunt

“Josh Stein is smart, caring, and hardworking — precisely the type of person we want to be Governor. He’ll focus on educating our kids, keeping families safe, and building a strong economy. Electing Josh as our next Governor will be a great thing for North Carolina.”

State Representative Garland Pierce

“Attorney General Stein’s focus on keeping people safe and working for everybody, including people in the rural parts of the state, is what we need as our next leader.”

District Attorney Billy West

“While I will regret losing Josh as our Attorney General because of the great work he has done protecting the people of North Carolina, I enthusiastically support his run for Governor.”

Former Congressman G.K. Butterfield

“Josh isn’t afraid to stand up to special interests and fight for everyday working North Carolinians.”

State Representative Lindsey Prather

“I appreciate Josh’s commitment to rural North Carolina and finding solutions that help everyone – no matter where they’re from. His ability to work across the aisle to get real results is essential in this state. He has my vote for Governor.”

Former Chief Justice Burley Mitchell

“We need leaders who solve problems and work across the aisle to get things done. That’s exactly who Josh Stein is – he will work to make North Carolina a state we can all be proud to live in. That’s why I’m endorsing him for Governor.”

State Representative Robert Reives, House Democratic Leader

“I am excited to endorse Josh for Governor of North Carolina. He has a proven track record as a member of the State Senate and as our Attorney General over the past six years. North Carolina needs a smart, thoughtful leader in the Governor’s Mansion and I know Josh will be that person.”

District Attorney Ben David

“Attorney General Josh Stein has been a national leader in the fight to hold big drug companies accountable for their role in the opioid crisis and to keep our drinking water clean. He has successfully led efforts to put more violent criminals behind bars, and he’s been a great partner with my office in fighting to uphold guilty convictions on appeal. I am confident that Josh Stein is the best choice for our state.”

Sheriff Quentin Miller

“As Sheriff I have worked hand in hand with Attorney General Stein to make our our communities safer and our criminal justice system fairer. He has led with the utmost integrity as he worked to reduce crime, hold child abusers accountable, combat the opioid crisis, and improve law enforcement officer training across North Carolina.”

Congresswoman Deborah Ross

“Josh Stein is the right choice for our next Governor. We worked together closely when we served in the state legislature, where he was a trusted partner. He always will do what is right for North Carolina and will make our people his priority.”

District Attorney Spencer Merriweather

“I have great faith in Attorney General Stein’s talents, his integrity, and his serious and balanced approach to leadership. He’s repeatedly proven he’s focused on keeping people safe.”

Sheriff Mike Roberson

“I’m proud to stand with Josh Stein for Governor. As Sheriff, I have seen up-close how committed he is to public safety. Whether its tackling the rape kit backlog or the opioid epidemic, Josh fights for our communities.”

Full Endorsements List

  • End Citizens United (ECU)
  • NC Association of Educators (NCAE)
  • NC League of Conservation Voters (NCLCV)
  • NextGen PAC
  • Former Governor Jim Hunt
  • Former Governor Bev Perdue
  • Former Chief Justice Jim Exum
  • Former Chief Justice Henry Frye
  • Former Chief Justice Burley Mitchell
  • Former Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton
  • Former Lieutenant Governor Dennis Wicker
  • Former Treasurer Janet Cowell
  • Former Treasurer Richard Moore
  • Justice Anita Earls
  • Former Justice Sam Ervin IV
  • Former Justice Robin Hudson
  • US Representative Valerie Foushee
  • US Representative Jeff Jackson
  • US Representative Kathy Manning
  • US Representative Wiley Nickel
  • US Representative Deborah Ross
  • Former US Representative GK Butterfield
  • Former US Representative Eva Clayton
  • Former US Representative David Price
  • Former US Representative Mel Watt
  • State Senator Gale Adcock
  • State Senator Val Applewhite
  • State Senator Sydney Batch
  • State Senator Dan Blue
  • State Senator Mary Wills Bode
  • State Senator Jay Chaudhuri
  • State Senator Michael Garrett
  • State Senator Lisa Grafstein
  • State Senator Rachel Hunt
  • State Senator Paul Lowe
  • State Senator Natasha Marcus
  • State Senator Julie Mayfield
  • State Senator Graig Meyer
  • State Senator Mujtaba Mohammed
  • State Senator Natalie Murdock
  • State Senator Gladys Robinson
  • State Senator DeAndrea Salvador
  • State Senator Joyce Waddell
  • State Senator Mike Woodard
  • Former State Senator Charlie Dannelly
  • Former State Senator David Weinstein
  • State Representative Eric Ager
  • State Representative Kelly Alexander
  • State Representative Vernetta Alston
  • State Representative John Autry
  • State Representative Amber Baker
  • State Representative Cynthia Ball
  • State Representative Mary Belk
  • State Representative Cecil Brockman
  • State Representative Kanika Brown
  • State Representative Terry Brown
  • State Representative Allen Buansi
  • State Representative Laura Budd
  • State Representative Deb Butler
  • State Representative Maria Cervania
  • State Representative Ashton Clemmons
  • State Representative Tricia Cotham
  • State Representative Sarah Crawford
  • State Representative Carla Cunningham
  • State Representative Allison Dahle
  • State Representative Terence Everitt
  • State Representative Rosa Gill
  • State Representative Wesley Harris
  • State Representative Pricey Harrison
  • State Representative Zack Hawkins
  • State Representative Frances Jackson
  • State Representative Ray Jeffers
  • State Representative Joe John
  • State Representative Abe Jones
  • State Representative Ya Liu
  • State Representative Brandon Lofton
  • State Representative Tim Longest
  • State Representative Marvin Lucas
  • State Representative Nasif Majeed
  • State Representative Marcia Morey
  • State Representative Garland Pierce
  • State Representative Lindsey Prather
  • State Representative Renée Price
  • State Representative Amos Quick
  • State Representative Robert Reives
  • State Representative James Roberson
  • State Representative Caleb Rudow
  • State Representative Charles Smith
  • State Representative Diamond Staton-Williams
  • State Representative Julie von Haefen
  • State Representative Shelly Willingham
  • State Representative Michael Wray
  • Former State Representative Ricky Hurtado
  • Former State Representative Mickey Michaux
  • Former State Representative Evelyn Terry
  • District Attorney Avery Crump
  • District Attorney Ben David
  • District Attorney Satana Deberry
  • District Attorney Faris Dixon
  • District Attorney Spencer Merriweather
  • District Attorney Jeff Nieman
  • District Attorney Reece Saunders
  • District Attorney Matt Scott
  • District Attorney Billy West
  • District Attorney Todd Williams
  • Former District Attorney Robert Evans
  • Former District Attorney Vernon Stewart
  • Former District Attorney Jim Woodall
  • Sheriff Clee Atkinson
  • Sheriff Johnny Barnes
  • Sheriff Clarence Birkhead
  • Sheriff Charles Blackwood
  • Sheriff Curtis Brame
  • Sheriff John Branche
  • Sheriff Paula Dance
  • Sheriff Tony Durden
  • Sheriff Len Hagaman
  • Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough
  • Sheriff Garry McFadden
  • Sheriff Quentin Miller
  • Sheriff Mike Roberson
  • Sheriff Danny Rogers
  • Sheriff Jack Smith
  • Sheriff Calvin Woodard
  • Sheriff Ennis Wright
  • Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin
  • Mayor TJ Cawley
  • Mayor Mitch Colvin
  • Mayor Bill Dusch
  • Mayor Tim Futrelle
  • Mayor Don Hardy
  • Mayor Pam Hemminger
  • Mayor Darrell Hinnant
  • Mayor Allen Joines
  • Mayor Vi Lyles
  • Mayor Esther Manheimer
  • Mayor Elaine O’Neal
  • Mayor Walker Reid
  • Mayor Rebecca Salmon
  • Mayor Damon Seils
  • Mayor Zeb Smathers
  • Mayor Nancy Vaughan
  • Mayor Harold Weinbrecht
  • Former Mayor Bill Bell
  • Former Mayor Anthony Foxx
  • Former Mayor Harvey Gantt
  • Former Mayor Nancy McFarlane
  • Former Mayor Charles Meeker
  • Former Mayor Steve Schewel 
  • Commissioner Vickie Adamson
  • Commissioner Jonathan Barfield
  • Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara
  • Commissioner Jamezetta Bedford
  • Commissioner Matt Calabria
  • Commissioner Pat Cotham
  • Commissioner Susan Evans
  • Commissioner Sally Greene
  • Commissioner Brenda Howerton
  • Commissioner Earl McKee
  • Commissioner Don Mial
  • Commissioner James West
  • Commissioner Rob Zapple
  • Commissioner Cheryl Stallings
  • Commissioner Shinica Thomas
  • City Councilman Corey Branch
  • Former City Councilman Brad Thompson