Strengthening Rural Communities

For our state’s rural communities not only to survive, but to thrive, we need to protect them and invest in them. North Carolina has more rural residents than any state in the nation, other than Texas. We must support our small towns. Revitalizing rural North Carolina will help us deliver on the promise of North Carolina that if you work hard, where you come from should never limit how far you can go.

But for too long, rural North Carolinians have had to travel long distances to get to work or go to the doctor’s office. They’ve been forced to deal with slow and sporadic internet access, if they have access at all. We must do better.

As Attorney General, I have fought to protect rural hospitals, combat the opioid crisis, champion broadband expansion, support economic development initiatives in rural North Carolina, and strengthen public schools. 

As Governor, I’ll work tirelessly to serve all North Carolinians and grow opportunities in our rural communities. That means fighting to keep their hospitals so they can receive quality health care. That means investing in revitalization efforts, supporting small business owners, and incentivizing companies to expand or relocate in rural counties. That means supporting agriculture, our state’s number one industry, and expanding global markets to our crops and products. That means delivering high-speed and affordable internet access to every household so people can engage, learn, and compete in today’s online world and economy. That means investing in other critical infrastructure, like water and sewer, roads, and commuter rail. And that means strengthening our public schools and community colleges that are the backbones of rural North Carolina.