Press Release

While Lt. Governor Robinson Defended Drug Companies, Attorney General Stein Has Been Working To Fight Opioid Manufacturers & The Fentanyl Crisis

Despite recent reports revealing Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson “attack[ing] Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein for winning over a billion dollars in restitution from pharmaceutical companies,” it’s clear who is doing the work to keep communities safe from the opioid crisis. Attorney General Stein met yesterday with Vice President Harris to continue fighting the fentanyl crisis, urging that “it’s gonna take all hands on deck to turn the tide” and making clear that “we have got to have the federal government dialed down and tie it down as tightly as we can to keep as few of these drugs [from] coming into our country.” 



Attorney General Stein understands that the fentanyl crisis is ravaging communities and is working hard to crack down on it and other opioids that are killing young people across North Carolina: