Press Release

While AG Stein Rallies Voters Around “Safer & Stronger” North Carolina, Robinson Takes Heat For Anti-Semitic Comments 

Last week, Attorney General and candidate for governor Josh Stein concluded his “NC Strong” tour, where he met with voters statewide and pitched himself “as a champion for the state’s most vulnerable residents.” Stein kicked off the tour at Shaw University in Raleigh, where he spoke to a “packed house” about his success as attorney general working to “combat the opioid epidemic, help survivors of sexual assault, and fight against gerrymandering,” and his plan to “make our communities safer, tackle violent crime,” and “confront the fentanyl crisis.” Stein was joined by Governor Roy Cooper, who said, “North Carolina has been a better place because Josh Stein has been attorney general. But now, he has another calling.”

Stein traveled across the state for the remainder of the week to meet voters in their own communities. He highlighted his belief that “everybody should have a fair shot to succeed,” called for additional resources for community colleges to be able to “meet the needs of the kids and the workforce,” and emphasized that “we as a state need to support that kind of entrepreneurship so that North Carolina continues to thrive.”

While Stein connected with hundreds of voters statewide, Mark Robinson too was making news. At a press conference Wednesday morning, Robinson “declared a week of solidarity with Israel” but was quickly “criticized for his history of antisemitic comments.” Robinson called his past comments “poorly worded”, but “repeatedly declined and side-stepped opportunities to refute and apologize for his many publicly expressed antisemitic views.” Editorials slammed Robinson’s “cynical and opportunistic performance” and wrote that his “ceremonial declaration would carry more weight had Robinson not previously called the Holocaust ‘hogwash.’” He even received backlash from members of his own party. 

This past week presented voters with a clear picture of the choice in the race for North Carolina’s next governor. While Robinson attempts to “erase his history of antisemitic vitriol,” Stein is more committed than ever to bringing people together to deliver a North Carolina that is safer and stronger.