Press Release

What They’re Saying In #NCGOV This Week

Local news headlines this week continue to highlight how Attorney General and candidate for governor Josh Stein is working to “protect the people of the state,” while Mark Robinson continues to prove how wrong he is for North Carolina.

Stein has taken on opioids manufacturers and Big Pharma and made them pay. This week, a federal court approved the agreement reached by Stein and Purdue Pharma that will ensure North Carolina receives at least an additional $100 million for recovery and treatment services for people struggling with addiction. North Carolina’s grand total will exceed $1.5 billion.

In Western North Carolina, Stein spoke with local law enforcement, “highlighted the need to recruit and retain law enforcement officers” and “outlined a series of steps he said the state should take to help local departments hire and keep officers.” He also visited downtown Canton to meet with Mayor Zeb Smathers and local leaders devastated by the closure of the paper mill and reiterate his efforts to hold Pactiv Evergreen accountable.

On Tuesday, Stein announced that North Carolina received its payment of $157 million from a settlement against tobacco companies that targeted advertisements at children. In part, the money will go toward supporting rural communities “that were dependent on the tobacco industry.” 

Meanwhile, Mark Robinson continues to prove how wrong he is for North Carolina from being “hostile to public education” to “express[ing] a desire to further restrict North Carolina’s abortion laws if elected.”