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WHAT THEY’RE READING: Josh Stein Files For Governor, Underscores The “Stark Choice” For North Carolinians

North Carolinians are hearing about Attorney General Josh Stein’s campaign for governor as he officially filed yesterday, highlighting his belief in “the promise of this state – that if you work hard, where you come from should never limit how far you can go.” 

Speaking with reporters, Josh highlighted the “‘stark’ choice facing voters” between himself and Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, saying, “I’ve spent my career fighting for people. He fights the culture wars.” Robinson has recently drawn news attention for “making use of anti-Semitic slurs, casting doubt on the holocaust and proclaiming Jesus Christ would someday return to Earth and ‘bring his vengeance’ on his enemies.”

Josh also stressed the need to “restore a balance to state government” and deliver on the issues that matter to people’s daily lives, including expanding economic opportunity and defending women’s fundamental freedoms.

Check out some of what North Carolinians are reading across the state below: