Press Release

What Is Mark Robinson’s Plan For Health Care In North Carolina? 

Medicaid expansion has finally reached North Carolina, and 600,000 North Carolinians are now eligible for health care coverage. This momentous decision will strengthen health care for North Carolina’s most vulnerable populations and help to shore up the state’s rural hospitals – but Mark Robinson still opposes it. 

While Attorney General Josh Stein has advocated for Medicaid expansion for a decade, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson has fought against it, saying that he “hope[s] that it fails” and that he was “dismayed” about it passing. 

Robinson argues that North Carolina “can come up with [its] own healthcare system that would be far better than anything the federal government can provide in Medicaid expansion,” but hasn’t announced what he would do as governor to provide health care to North Carolinians. His opposition continues as former President Trump, who Robinson has endorsed for president, has renewed calls to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Mark Robinson has repeatedly skewered bipartisan efforts to expand health care to more than 600,000 North Carolinians, so what does he support?” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for the campaign. “Voters deserve to know what Mark Robinson’s plan is to protect their health care – if he has one at all.”