Press Release

TONIGHT: Mark Robinson Holds Fundraiser With “NC Church Previously Investigated For Slavery, Child Abuse” 

Robinson’s campaign declined to comment.” 

New reporting from WRAL has uncovered that Mark Robinson is hosting a fundraiser tonight in Spindale, NC with Word of Faith Fellowship, “a secretive religious group that for years has been publicly accused of wielding cult-like control over its followers and of engaging in criminal behavior including slave labor, financial fraud and the sexual and physical abuse of children.” However, when WRAL reached out to the Robinson campaign regarding the accusations against Word of Faith and its teachings, “Robinson’s campaign declined to comment.” 

Word of Faith Fellowship faces “accusations that church members with powerful positions in the community helped cover up child abuse — including one of the lead hosts of Robinson’s fundraiser.” Describing the church’s “blasting” practice, “Former members say it often involves a group of people surrounding someone” and “hitting, shaking, choking or screaming at them.” The “victims of the violence included pre-teens and toddlers — even crying babies, who were vigorously shaken, screamed at and sometimes smacked to banish demons.” 

Robinson himself has a long history of inflammatory remarks at churches, “including his opposition to gay rights, his opposition to abortion, his support for traditional gender roles and, last month, a declaration that ‘some people need killing.’” 

“It is disturbing, but unsurprising, that Mark Robinson would raise money from leaders of a group alleged to have engaged in child abuse,” said Morgan Hopkins, a spokesperson for the campaign. “Just last Sunday, he said, ‘Some people need killing.’ Mark Robinson promotes hate and violence. He’s too extreme and dangerous to be Governor.”