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The Messenger: “Flame-Throwing Republican Frontrunner” is “Stoking Fear” About Public Schools, Refers To Educators As “Wicked People” 

An article published by The Messenger is diving into Robinson’s divisive rhetoric on public education that is now “emerging as a potential liability” and as one Republican strategist put it: “It’s a weakness for Robinson” 

Despite his attempts to soften his language, Robinson’s record of villainizing educators and attacking public schools is heavily documented. The Messenger writes that in a recent speech Robinson urged parents to take their kids out of school and “make your own school,” and referred to public school teachers as “wicked people.” The article also notes his previous comments from his memoir stating “that if he were ‘totally’ in charge of education in North Carolina, he’d stop the teaching of social studies and science in grades one through five.”

The choice in this race is clear as the two candidates “could not be more different – both in style and substance – on education.” Josh Stein is “measured” and earned the support of public school educators, while Robinson is “dramatic” and “often veers entirely into stoking fear around education.” 

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