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“Reap The Whirlwind”: Robinson’s “Hard Stance Against Abortion” Could “Sink His Chances” In 2024

In the fallout from Republicans’ dangerous highly restrictive anti-abortion law in North Carolina, reports continue to highlight Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Josh Stein’s commitment to protecting reproductive freedom in North Carolina, including being “active in litigation to preserve access to medication abortion in the state,” while Mark Robinson “takes a hard stance on abortion” that could “sink his chances of becoming governor.” 

Robinson has made clear that this law is “just the beginning,” as WRAL notes he “hopes the rules continue to become stricter after the 2024 elections.” and NBC News argues that Republicans seemed to confirm “if there is a Republican who is elected as governor, then the supermajority is no longer a factor and that means you could have some more restrictions.” 

North Carolinians’ freedoms are on the ballot in 2024, and “Democrats aren’t rolling over.” 

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