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N&O Reports Lt. Governor Robinson Continues Attacks On Public Schools

Robinson Refers To Public School Educators As “Wicked People” As School Funding Remains In Question

A recent speech from Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson highlights his continued pattern of targeting public school teachers and staff instead of working to strengthen North Carolina’s public schools. Robinson, referring to public schools, said “imagine what will happen if we legalize the rape of our children” and urged parents to “​​not turn your children over to these wicked people.” 

Earlier this year, a report found that as a percentage of the state’s GDP, North Carolina ranked last in the country for public K-12 funding. Still, Mark Robinson and legislative Republicans are pushing legislation that would take even more funding away from public school students to subsidize wealthy parents sending their kids to unaccountable private schools. Now on the campaign trail, the Lieutenant Governor is bashing educators and scaring parents about our public schools instead of trying to improve them when our kids will return in just a few weeks. 

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Excerpts from News & Observer’s: ‘Hell’s gates’: Speech by NC Lt. Gov. Robinson takes aim at schools, transgender people