Press Release

NEW: Robinson Opposes Business Incentives That Helped Win NC’s “Best for Business” Status

On the heels of a historic economic development visit from the Japanese Prime Minister, new reporting from Axios Raleigh reveals that Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson opposes the business incentives that the state has “wielded…to grow its economy and lure corporate expansions to the state — from large-scale manufacturers such as Toyota to tech companies like Apple.” Robinson, who has referred to incentives as “bribing,” has said that “the state shouldn’t offer” them and that he’s “not a fan of the program.” 

Meanwhile, Attorney General Josh Stein pledged to “work to invest in our workforce to grow existing businesses and attract new jobs to our state.” Stein praised recent “performance-based incentives” and touted North Carolina’s ranking as #1 Best State for Business two years in a row, but emphasized that “future success is not a given.” 

All eyes are on North Carolina’s economy, with the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce warning that the “2024 election could slow job deals.” Following Mark Robinson’s nomination for Governor, Connecticut’s state leaders began planning to “lure North Carolina businesses,” saying, “North Carolina has the potential of really moving backwards over the next four years.”  In response to Robinson’s “rhetoric [that is] widely condemned as discriminatory,”  economists caution, “You lose jobs. You lose construction activity. You lose an additional tax base. You lose some prestige.” 

“Mark Robinson opposes performance-based business incentives that have brought thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity to North Carolina,” said Morgan Hopkins, a spokeswoman for Josh Stein for North Carolina. “This is just the latest example of how wrong he is for North Carolina. In November, voters will rally behind Josh Stein’s vision for a strong economy with meaningful job opportunities across the state.”