Press Release

NEW: Mark Robinson Intensifies His Calls for Violence Against Political Enemies 

Robinson: “Some Folks Need Killing!”

New reporting from the New Republic reveals that in a recent speech, Mark Robinson said of his political enemies, “Some folks need killing! It’s time for somebody to say it. It’s not a matter of vengeance. It’s not a matter of being mean or spiteful. It’s a matter of necessity!” During his speech at Lake Church in White Lake, NC, Robinson “appeared to endorse lethal violence against these unnamed enemies.

These comments fall into a long history of Robinson endorsing violence, including political violence. Earlier this year, Robinson advocated for resisting the FBI, saying, “Folks, it’s time to stand up and fight.” Previously, he has bragged about owning an AR-15 so he can fight “in case the government gets too big for its britches,” said that God calls him to “go into battle and take the head of your enemy,” and downplayed domestic violence. He has even supported violence against members of his own party, saying that Jesus would deliver “vengeance” against his “enemies.” 

“Mark Robinson’s repeated and repulsive violent rhetoric fits into his pattern of spewing division and hate rather than serving North Carolina families,” said Morgan Hopkins, a spokesperson for the campaign. “We cannot have a Governor who calls for extrajudicial killings. Mark Robinson is divisive and dangerous.”