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NEW: ‘“GOP gubernatorial candidate blasts opponent for holding opioid companies accountable”

Lt. Governor Robinson: “I don’t intend to do like our current attorney general did and sue the drug company. See, the drug company is not the one out here on the streets peddling the dope.” 

You read that right.

According to video clips obtained by the American Independent, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson appears to criticize Attorney General and candidate for governor Josh Stein for his work “suing pharmaceutical companies over their role in the opioid crisis” and securing more than $1 billion for North Carolina communities to invest in treatment and recovery services. 

“Attorney General Josh Stein is proud to have pursued justice for North Carolinians whose lives have been torn apart by the Big Pharma fueled opioid crisis,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Josh Stein for North Carolina. “North Carolinians have a crystal clear choice in this race between someone who has actually taken on drug companies and traffickers to keep our communities safe and someone who seems to want pharmaceutical companies to get away with profiting from addiction.”

The article also notes that “Robinson is incorrect about Stein’s work addressing other aspects of the opioid epidemic.” It cites Stein’s effort to introduce and pass legislation that strengthens law enforcement efforts to confront the opioid crisis and his call to fund a fentanyl control unit within the DOJ to hold drug traffickers accountable. 

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