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#NCGOV Set To Be “Marquee Contest Of 2024”

U.S. News calls North Carolina a “Toss-Up”

A new report has the North Carolina governor’s race as the sole toss-up in the country next year, with the race “poised to be highly competitive” and the “marquee contest of 2024.” The report underscores that voters will have a choice between “candidates with sharply divergent profiles.” As Attorney General Josh Stein is “center-left” and continues to be a fighter for the people of North Carolina “trying to hold back a newly emboldened Republican legislative supermajority,” while Mark Robinson “is prone to brash, controversial statements on such issues as LGBTQ+ rights.”

This analysis comes as news reports indicate North Carolina will be a critical battleground state “prime for a Democratic pickup” as Republicans’ abortion ban gives the Democratic base “extra motivation.” At the same time, Republicans “fret” about Robinson and whether his “long history of harsh comments” will “hurt the party’s chances of winning.” 

Attorney General Josh Stein continues to be in a strong position with key endorsements, including more than 150 of North Carolina’s former and current elected officials, robust fundraising, and a record of accomplishment on issues that matter to North Carolinians. Last week, Stein picked up the endorsement of North Carolina AFL-CIO for his commitment to working people. 

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