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Mark Robinson Is Trying To Run Away From His Hardline, No-Exceptions Abortion Stance, CNN Reports

Days ahead of the Roe v. Wade anniversary, CNN reports that Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson keeps trying to shake off his long history of extreme anti-abortion rhetoric. As Robinson has faced increasing opposition to his hardline stance on abortion, he has “stopped using what he calls the ‘a-word.’” This new language is a stark contrast from his previous rhetoric, where he called abortion “murder,” “genocide,” and “child sacrifice,” as well as comparing it to slavery

The article points to repeated instances of Robinson’s support for a total abortion ban with no exceptions. In his words: 

Robinson’s radical stance on abortion and on countless other issues pose a major threat to North Carolina’s future. Last week, Christopher Chung, the CEO of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, expressed his worries about North Carolina’s economic future. Said Chung, “We’re seeing a number of states that we frequently compete with pass legislation that, whatever your political beliefs, generally (people in) the business community felt made it harder for them to be perceived to be operating in an inclusive environment.” Chung, who stressed his “apolitical” role and spends his time recruiting new companies to the Tar Heel State, warned North Carolina leaders, “To sacrifice all that positive momentum by some things that are designed to make headlines and things like that, I just don’t feel like that’s a good thing for economic development.” 

The Charlotte Observer put it best: “Robinson can run from his extremist past, but he can’t hide from it. He may have ‘forgotten’ where he once stood on abortion, but voters might have a much better memory.”