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“Mark Robinson Has a Problem with Women”: Josh Stein For North Carolina Launches New Ad Highlighting Robinson’s History Of Demeaning Women

He doesn’t trust us or respect us.” 

Today, Josh Stein for North Carolina launched a new ad, highlighting Mark Robinson’s “problem with women,” including his repeated, callous statements demeaning women and pushing for a total abortion ban with no exceptions. The ad also features North Carolina women calling Robinson out for attacking victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and declaring “he doesn’t trust us or respect us.” 

A self-described “chauvinist pig,” Mark Robinson’s history of derogatory comments toward women, including saying abortion is because women “weren’t responsible enough to keep your skirt down,” have been on full display. His “history of sharing sexist…views” and propensity for “downplaying and making light of sexual assault and domestic violence” paired with his plans to roll back reproductive freedoms paint an alarming picture for North Carolina women.

“Mark Robinson’s history of demeaning women is backwards and further proves how harmful his policies would be for women across North Carolina,” said Jeff Allen, campaign manager for Josh Stein for North Carolina. “Mark Robinson has said he wants to see a total ban on abortion with no exceptions and doesn’t believe women should be in leadership. For the next four months, we will keep showing North Carolina that he should never be Governor.” 

Watch the ad here

MEGAN: Mark Robinson has a problem with women. 

MARK ROBINSON: Women are not supposed to be leading the charge. It’s supposed to be men leading the charge. 

RANDI: He’s attacked victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

SANIAH: He doesn’t trust us or respect us. 

ROBINSON: Abortion in this country is not about protecting the lives of mothers. It’s about killing the child because you weren’t responsible enough to keep your skirt down. 

ROBINSON: It’s not your body anymore. It’s not your body. 

MEGAN: Mark Robinson must never be our governor.