Press Release

Mark Robinson Cannot Hide His Extreme Views On Reproductive Freedom

It looks like Mark Robinson has discovered how unpopular his extremism is with voters. This week, he found himself backed into a corner regarding his support for a total abortion ban with no exceptions as he “presumably seeks to expand support beyond his conservative base ahead of next year’s election.” 

When asked in a Q&A session at the Charlotte Rotary Club, Robinson said he “did not recall making the comments.” Last month, Rolling Stone reported that Robinson told supporters he couldn’t “even bring himself to say the word” abortion despite his “frothing opposition” to reproductive freedom and “virulently anti-abortion” stances. In May, he told WFAE he was “not interested in talking about abortion anymore.”

But his extreme stance on reproductive freedom is clear. On a radio show this year, he told the host, “If I had all the power right now, let’s say I was the governor and had a willing legislature, we could pass a bill saying you can’t have an abortion in North Carolina for any reason.” He suggested North Carolina’s new abortion ban “set ourselves up to get ready to continue to move the ball” towards even more restrictions. Multiple times, he has shared his goal for North Carolina to become a “destination state for life.” 

A May 2023 poll found that a majority of likely voters oppose the legislature’s abortion ban – a reality that seems to be catching up with Mark Robinson.

Robinson, in his own words: