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Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s Extremism On Full Display

Over the weekend, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson endorsed Donald Trump and doubled down on his out of step, MAGA agenda that will hurt North Carolinians. At an out-of-state conservative conference, Robinson made a “move to align himself with Trump” and “gain the support of…Trump loyalists.” 

But back at home, an editorial noted that his speech was “combative” and “heated,” and in it, he “shared his desire to make North Carolina more like ruby-red Texas and even Florida.” And a television station in Robinson’s hometown made clear that his extremism would be on full display all summer long as he plans to “attend events helmed by groups at the frontline of the culture war.” That includes a group that recently “came under fire for using a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler” and a convention that’s been described as “featuring prominent QAnon influencers, anti-vaccination activists, and election fraud conspiracy theorists.” 

Mark Robinson is leaning into the most extreme fringes of the Republican Party and offering voters a glimpse into the damage he would do if elected – prioritizing divisive and job-killing culture wars that will threaten opportunities for public schools, economies, and communities across North Carolina. North Carolinians will have a clear choice next November – Josh Stein will fight for them, not fight the culture wars.

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