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Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Calls Climate Change “Junk Science,” WFAE Reports

According to a new report from WFAE, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson “casts doubt” on climate change and “ridiculed climate scientists.” In the July speech, he calls climate science “junk science” and says “we have now allowed those folks to dictate what we do based on pseudoscience.” 

Robinson has previously suggested eliminating science from elementary schools. Now, he’s attacking educators who teach their students about climate change, calling them “liars.” 

Robinson is out of step with the “nearly three-quarters of Americans of all political backgrounds think climate change is happening” and even his own party. In 2021, Governor Cooper and Republican lawmakers came together to advance North Carolina’s clean energy future and enacted a law that “aims to sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the state’s power plants by 2030.” 

“North Carolina is leading the transition to a clean energy economy that will create good-paying jobs and keep our communities healthy and safe,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Josh Stein for North Carolina. “Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson’s misinformed denial of climate change threatens the progress our state is making to secure a reliable, affordable, and clean energy future for all North Carolinians.”

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