Press Release

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson Still Trying To Hide From His Toxic Record On Reproductive Freedom

“North Carolina needs to become a destination state for life. Now notice what I said: I said ‘life.’ I did not say the A-word. The A-word. Everybody wants us to say the A-word… No sir.”

According to video clips obtained by the Rolling Stone, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is trying so desperately to run away from his toxic record of supporting a total ban on abortion that he “cannot even bring himself to say the word.” Speaking to supporters about his “frothing opposition” to women’s reproductive rights, he said: “Everybody wants us to say the A-word…No sir.” It’s a little too late for the “virulently anti-abortion” candidate who has previously pledged to make abortion illegal in North Carolina for any reason, not even for rape or incest.

“Mark Robinson may try, but there is no place far enough away in the entire world for him to go to hide from his toxic support for banning abortion with no exceptions,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Josh Stein for North Carolina. “North Carolinians will have a crystal clear choice in this race between someone who has always defended women’s reproductive freedoms and an extremist who wants the government to dictate what women in North Carolina do with their own bodies and their own futures.”

Rolling Stone also pointed out that “voters aren’t happy” about the recently-passed abortion ban in North Carolina, citing polling that showed more North Carolinians oppose the law than support it and that unaffiliated voters – the largest voting bloc in the state –  did not want to see further restrictions put in place. It’s easy to see why [Robinson] feels that way.”