Press Release

Josh Stein Tours Kid Appeal Early Learning Center, Shares Plan To Put More Money In North Carolinians’ Pockets

Yesterday, Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein announced the first part of his plan to put more money in people’s pockets by establishing a Working Families’ Tax Cut, a reinstatement of the State Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Josh was joined by members of the Guilford County legislative delegation who are ready to support his plan.

“With this investment, we reward families for work and help them keep more of what they earn, lift more kids out of poverty, and boost local economies. The Earned Income Tax Credit is a tax cut from the bottom-up, not from the top-down,” said Attorney General and candidate for Governor Josh Stein. “Too often in our state, we find ourselves deadlocked in partisan differences struggling to find common ground, but as leaders, it’s our job to get unstuck, dream about what’s possible, and make it happen for our people.”  

The Working Families’ Tax Cut would function as a refundable State EITC. It would benefit over 2 million North Carolinians, including over 1 million children. At 20 percent of the federal EITC, it would put $520 dollars on average back into the pockets of working families and for a family with three children or more, it would credit them up to $1,486. The EITC has also proven to boost local economies and improve health and educational outcomes for children living in poverty. In 2007, North Carolina enacted a refundable Earned Income Tax Credit, only for the Republican General Assembly to repeal it seven years later. At the time, the North Carolina Justice Center said, “North Carolina is the only state to eliminate the credit in nearly 30 years.” 

As Attorney General, Josh has worked to protect consumers’ wallets from price gouging, scams, and exploitative corporations – winning more than $3.5 billion for North Carolinians.