Press Release

Josh Stein, Reverend Warnock Join Faith Leaders In Charlotte To Rally Supporters

Last week, U.S. Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock joined Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein to host a “Faith Leaders for Stein” roundtable in Charlotte. Joined by Reverend Doctor Thomas Farrow and other local faith leaders, Warnock and Stein discussed the role of faith in their lives and how it compels them to public service. 

“I’m inspired by the ways Reverend Warnock’s public service has been guided by his faith,” said Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein. “Like Reverend Warnock, my faith teaches me that we are each called to do our part to make a difference. There couldn’t be a more important fight this year than working toward a better future for every person in North Carolina.” 

Reverend Warnock highlighted his shared commitment to voting rights and the dignity of every individual, and emphasized the importance of getting faith communities involved in the race for North Carolina’s next Governor. 

“From your commitment to civil rights to your own work in the Attorney General’s office, I’d like to see you in the Governor’s office,” said Reverend Raphael Warnock. “We have a moral obligation to defeat Mark Robinson. Too many people have fought too hard and lost too much for us to allow him the victory.” 

Earlier in the week, Josh Stein launched “Faith Leaders for Stein”, a multifaith constituency group dedicated to electing Josh and working together to build a safer, stronger future for every person in North Carolina. Meanwhile, people of faith across the state are criticizing Mark Robinson’s divisive rhetoric around faith, saying, “As a member of the resurrected community of God…I will vote for…love, not hate.”