Press Release

Josh Stein Recommits to Protecting Women’s Health Care on Anniversary of Republican Abortion Ban

One Year Later, A Reminder That Lt. Gov. Robinson Wants To Take NC Even Further Back

One year ago today, the NC General Assembly overrode Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of SB20 and stripped North Carolinian women of access to health care. In response, Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein released the following statement: 

“Today marks the anniversary of a devastating loss of freedom, protection, and access to health care for women across North Carolina. The Republican General Assembly’s abortion ban puts critical reproductive health care out of reach for many women, particularly those who live in rural areas, and it interferes with doctors’ ability to make sound, medical decisions for their patients.

“Unfortunately, it only represents the beginning of what Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson wants for our state: a total abortion ban with no exceptions. As Governor, I will continue to defend women’s reproductive freedoms, whether it’s access to contraception, IVF, or abortion. These are deeply personal decisions that should be made by a woman and her doctor – not by a bunch of politicians in Raleigh, certainly not by Mark Robinson.” 

Since the passage of Senate Bill 20, sources have reported that doctors are leaving North Carolina and that a mother tragically lost her baby after being turned away from the emergency room. As Attorney General, Stein has fought to protect medication abortion and supported veterans’ access to abortion. But time and time again, Robinson has repeatedly expressed support for a total abortion ban with no exceptions: