Press Release

Josh Stein On Robinson Threatening North Carolina’s Economic Future As Connecticut Leaders Want To “Lure North Carolina Businesses” 

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson’s inflammatory rhetoric is already catching the eye of Connecticut legislators who are urging their economic development leaders to go after North Carolina businesses, saying: “We think with his recent nomination and clearing through the Republican primary, that sends a real message to businesses in North Carolina to come to Connecticut, and we’re going to ask our commissioner to go get ‘em.’” 

“North Carolina has already been down this road, and we can’t afford to travel it again. Other states are ready to eat our lunch if we let Mark Robinson’s backward, job-killing vision for our state take hold, and we cannot let them,” said Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein. “As Governor, I will work to invest in our workforce and bring more good-paying jobs to every corner of North Carolina. This November, voters will reject Robinson’s vision for division that would send our state backward and our businesses running.” 

In 2016, the General Assembly passed HB2, a bill that limited LGBTQ protections in North Carolina and forced business out of North Carolina. HB2 is estimated to have cost the state $3.76 billion in lost economic opportunity, with Charlotte alone losing 2,000 jobs