Press Release

Josh Stein Meets With Voters In Fayetteville, Winston-Salem, & Hendersonville As Robinson Fundraises at Mar-a-Lago

This week, Josh Stein continued to travel across North Carolina meeting with voters and learning about the issues that matter most to them. Meanwhile, Mark Robinson spent his time this week being embroiled in negative news coverage around his election denialism and co-hosting a fundraiser with former President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where he said Robinson was “better than Dr. Martin Luther King.”

“Like me, folks are united in their love for North Carolina and want to see our state be a place where everyone can thrive,” said Attorney General and candidate for Governor Josh Stein. “Over the next 11 months, I’ll continue to focus on our vision to grow the economy, strengthen our public schools, keep our communities safe, and protect North Carolinians’ fundamental rights and freedoms.” 

Stein kicked off the week in Fayetteville, where he listened to voters’ concerns and talked about his plans to continue to protect the right to vote and support veterans and their families. 

In Greensboro, Stein participated in a holiday toy drive before meeting with folks in Winston-Salem to discuss the high cost of housing and how to make North Carolina an affordable state for all who call it home. 

He headed west to Hendersonville to connect with community members and answer their questions about how he’ll fight to protect rural hospitals and health care access.

While Mark Robinson continues to peddle conspiracies and showcase why he is wrong for North Carolina, Josh will continue to bring together a broad coalition of voters, show up in every corner of the state, and fight for the issues that matter in people’s daily lives.