Press Release

Josh Stein Joins Advocates Fighting For Access To Contraception, While Mark Robinson Headlines Event Hosted by Anti-Birth Control Group

Today, Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein headlined a press conference hosted by Americans for Contraception, highlighting the need to protect access to contraception as reproductive rights continue to be under attack. Joined by physicians and advocates, Stein spoke to his history of standing up for reproductive rights and shared his support for protecting contraception access, adding: “As dire as things have become for women’s health care, under Mark Robinson’s vision, they could still get worse.” 

Earlier this week, Mark Robinson also headlined an event for a group focused on contraception: PreBorn proclaims that “birth control drugs are similar to having an abortion and the FDA’s approval of a birth control drug is ‘evil.’” The PreBorn conference where Robinson spoke was hosted by conservative TV host Jason Whitlock, who “in January voiced agreement with a guest who said Jewish people are undermining American morals.”

While Stein has a record of standing up for reproductive health care as Attorney General – defending medication abortion, the right to travel out of state, and veterans’ abortion access – Mark Robinson has “repeatedly called abortion ‘murder’ or ‘genocide’ and said he wants North Carolina to be the ‘most pro-life state in the nation.‘” A recently unearthed Facebook Live also highlighted Robinson’s belief that abortions happen “because you weren’t responsible enough to keep your skirt down.”

“The contrast between North Carolina’s two choices couldn’t be clearer: Josh Stein trusts women to make their own health care decisions, and Mark Robinson wants to control them,” said Morgan Hopkins, a spokesperson for the campaign. “Reproductive freedom is on the ballot in this race, and this November, North Carolinians will reject Robinson’s extremism and vote to protect our fundamental rights.”