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Josh Stein For North Carolina Nearly Triples Lt. Governor Mark Robinson’s Fundraising Haul

Josh Stein for North Carolina has outraised Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson’s campaign almost three times over as reports underscore Stein’s “record-breaking” total and ability to garner “widespread support” from North Carolinians. Stein raised nearly $6 million in the first six months of 2023 as Robinson “trails” with just $2.2 million. With more than 15 months to go, Stein continues to grow his cash on hand total to more than $8.2 million and has “amassed many endorsements so far from Democratic elected officials and advocacy groups.” 

What people are saying about Stein’s strong showing: 

Associated Press: “Stein is the lone high-profile Democrat in the 2024 race for governor so far, getting in the race in January. He’s amassed many endorsements so far from Democratic elected officials and advocacy groups. A news release from the Josh Stein for North Carolina campaign described the $5.98 million raised through June 30 as a ‘record-breaking total’ for any gubernatorial candidate in the state at this point in the election cycle.”

Associated Press: “Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s campaign has raised a substantial amount so far this year in his bid for governor in 2024. But he’s behind Democratic candidate and current Attorney General Josh Stein in the early search for electoral dollars.”

Senator Natalie Murdock on Capital Tonight: “When you really dig into the numbers deeper, this was a lot of grassroots money – a lot of donations under $100, all 100 counties are represented, and almost 90 percent of donations have come from North Carolinians. People show their values through their donation, and I think when you see that much money coming from in state and those small dollar donors, you see a lot of widespread support for the Attorney General.”

WGHP: “Eric Heberlig, a professor at UNC Charlotte and expert on campaign finance, wrote in an emailed response to questions from WGHP that the ‘$6 million for Stein is a strong amount for any quarter…Given his [Stein’s] aggregate, I suspect he is getting a healthy amount from all three of those sources which is an indicator that he is putting together a broad coalition.’ Stein’s campaign release says that 75% of the contributions are $100 or less and that 89% are from North Carolina. ‘They are fueling our fight headed into 2024, and we could not be more grateful for their unprecedented support,’ Jeff Allen, Stein’s campaign manager, said in the release.”

Dr. Michael Bitzer on WPTF: “I think it’s an indication as to the intensity of this gubernatorial race. You know, we’ve only got 14 governors’ races next year. And by all accounts, this will be one of the premier if not the premier gubernatorial contest because North Carolina is so competitive statewide. I think the candidates, particularly the conventional front runners, are building up their war chests, not just for their primary but more importantly for next November.

POLITICO: “KEEPING UP WITH THE GOVERNORS — Republican North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who’s running for governor next year, said his campaign raised $2.2 million in the first half of the year, and entered July with $3.2 million in the bank. Democratic North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein announced last week that he raised close to $6 million in that period and had more than $8.2 million on hand.”