Press Release

Josh Stein For North Carolina Launches “Business Leaders for Stein,” Highlights Plans To Grow North Carolina’s Economy

Today in Charlotte, Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein launched “Business Leaders for Stein,” a coalition of small business owners and economic development leaders who support his vision for a safer, stronger, and more prosperous North Carolina. 

“North Carolina is the best state for business, and we need leaders who will keep it that way,” said Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein. “As Governor, I’ll work to bring new business to the state, continue building a strong workforce, and create job opportunities for folks in every corner of the state – not fight divisive job-killing culture wars that would send our businesses and workers running. I’m proud to be joined by business leaders who recognize the value of strong and steady leadership to build on our economic success, and I look forward to working hand in hand with them to ensure all North Carolinians have a fair shot at prosperity.” 

“Josh understands the importance of investing in historically underutilized businesses – HUB businesses,” said Gerry McCants, former statewide president of the North Carolina Black Chamber of Commerce. “He stands for equality and justice, and I know he’ll be the next Governor of North Carolina.” 

“Josh is a capable and deep-down good leader,” said Erskine Bowles, former administrator of the Small Business Administration.  “I have seen firsthand his passion and his understanding of the critical need to bring this state together to focus on investing in education, infrastructure, and economic development. Josh understands the importance of economic development for the entire state – not just the urban community where we see jobs, growth, and industries thriving. We need to see it throughout our state, particularly rural North Carolina.” 

During the event, Stein heard stories from business leaders and discussed his plans to strengthen North Carolina’s status as the nation’s top state for business, including supporting pathways to employment, investing in North Carolina’s exceptional workforce, and providing small businesses the support they need. 

Stein also highlighted his strong record of fostering a dynamic, competitive economy as Attorney General by standing up for small businesses, promoting competition by enforcing antitrust laws against rulebreakers, and helping defend businesses’ intellectual property.