Press Release

Josh Stein for North Carolina Announces Record-Shattering $13.79M Raised In Second Quarter of 2024

With Nearly $16M Cash-On-Hand, Josh Stein For NC In Strong Position To Show Voters Clear Choice For Governor

Today, Josh Stein for North Carolina announced it had raised a record-breaking $13.79 million in the second quarter of 2024. The campaign continues to gain more financial support than any state campaign in North Carolina history, receiving contributions from all 100 counties across the state. With almost $33 million raised over the cycle and nearly $16 million in cash-on-hand, the campaign is positioned to show voters the stark choice in the race for Governor.  

In June, the campaign launched statewide ads on television, highlighting that while Mark Robinson would ban abortion “for any reason” and with “no compromise,” Attorney General Josh Stein continues to build on his record of working with Democrats and Republicans to keep people safe, tackle the fentanyl crisis, protect kids from child sex abusers, and end the rape kit backlog.  

“We’re grateful to the thousands and thousands of North Carolinians who chipped in to support Josh Stein’s campaign for a safer, stronger North Carolina,” said Jeff Allen, campaign manager for Josh Stein for North Carolina. “Headed into the final four months of this campaign, our supporters have put us in a strong position to underscore the clear choice facing voters in this election: Josh Stein, who will fight and deliver for North Carolinians, or Mark Robinson, who would fight job-killing culture wars.” 

Since becoming the Democratic nominee for Governor, Stein has been traveling across the state meeting with students, small business owners, workers, faith leaders, veterans, and others to continue building a broad coalition of voters who believe in his vision of a safer, stronger North Carolina.