Press Release

Josh Stein Emphasizes Importance Of Strengthening North Carolina Public Schools

“There’s nothing more important than public schooling. It gives every kid a chance.”

In a new interview on Spectrum News, Attorney General and candidate for governor Josh Stein returns to his elementary school for a conversation with Loretta Boniti to reflect on his time in North Carolina public schools as a student, parent, and now – as a candidate for governor running to protect the future of public education in the state. 


Stein emphasizes that support for quality public schools is “not partisan” and makes clear that he’ll fight to ensure students, parents, and educators have the resources they need to succeed. As politicians in Raleigh continue to delay the budget and fail our schools, Stein has called for increased investment in support staff like school counselors who can help alleviate the youth mental health crisis, action to address teacher vacancies, and funding to ensure kids can compete.

Stein is endorsed by the North Carolina Association of Educators. In a recent op-ed, NCAE President and Cumberland County music teacher Tamika Walker Kelly stressed her support for Josh as “the leader [she] trusts when our kids’ futures are in the balance.”