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Josh Stein Continues Fight Against Fentanyl, Calls for Increased Investment in Fentanyl Detection At The Border

“This is no time to play politics with border security. Too many lives are at stake.”

This week, Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein is continuing his fight against the fentanyl crisis by calling on Congress to invest $300 million in fentanyl detection at the border. 

In a letter to congressional leadership, Stein wrote that the necessary equipment to detect fentanyl in personal vehicles has already been purchased using taxpayer dollars, but that he was “dismayed and disheartened” to learn that the equipment had not yet been installed. Saying that too many North Carolinians are dying because of fentanyl, Stein wrote: “This is no time to play politics with border security. Too many lives are at stake.”

Attorney General Stein has spent years leading a national, bi-partisan coalition of state attorneys general to take opioid manufacturers and distributors to court. These efforts have led to more than $55 billion nationally in settlement funds to go towards addiction treatment and recovery – $1.5 of which are designated for North Carolinians.

Last year, Josh called for funding for a Fentanyl Control Unit to help local district attorneys handle large-scale fentanyl trafficking, wiretap, and overdose cases and has worked alongside Republicans in the legislature to crack down on fentanyl through the Stop Counterfeit Pill Act and Novel Opioid Control Act. Now, Stein is leading a Fentanyl Task Force, bringing local, state, and federal law enforcement leaders together to collaborate on ridding North Carolina communities of this deadly drug.

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