Press Release

Josh Stein Commemorates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Attorney General and candidate for Governor Josh Stein released the following statement commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day: 

“Martin Luther King Jr. helped move our nation forward in its commitment to civil rights and bring us closer to the promise of our country. As we celebrate his legacy, we must also acknowledge the work that remains to fight inequality and ensure justice for all.

“My father Adam and his law partners, civil rights icons Julius Chambers and James Ferguson, instilled in me from a young age that we must all do our part to make a difference. Their efforts, like MLK’s vision, were not always popular in their time. But their examples challenge us – and every new generation – to continue fighting for justice, even when things are tough. 

“To my core, I believe that some things are worth fighting for. That’s why as Governor, I’ll work to protect access to the ballot box and ensure all North Carolinians have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, receive a good education, get a good-paying job, and live safely in their communities.”