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Josh Stein Calls For Investments In Public Schools, While Republicans Are “Undermining” Them

As the school year comes to a close, Attorney General and candidate for governor Josh Stein is urging the legislature to ensure “kids have the opportunity to succeed, not mak[e] it harder for them to compete” and calling for raised teacher pay, investment in North Carolina’s schools to “help our kids prepare for the jobs of tomorrow,” and increased support staff to aid students struggling with mental health issues.

Meanwhile, Republicans like Mark Robinson, who are “hostile to public education” and “thrilled” with efforts to give tax breaks to millionaires and divert taxpayer dollars to unaccountable private schools, are “starving” opportunities for North Carolina students and harming the strength of our state’s future workforce. While Robinson and his colleagues continue “undermining” public education, Stein will fight for strong schools because he knows it’s an “investment that will pay off for our kids down the road.” 

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