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“January Six Degrees of Separation”: Report Reveals Robinson Met With One Of The “Highest-Profile Election Deniers In The Country: Ginni Thomas”

“Documents obtained by The Daily Beast shed light on the extent of his private ties to the movement to contest, overturn, and delegitimize Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election.”

While Mark Robinson may keep trying to downplay the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol, his history of election denialism continues to pile up. According to Robinson’s official schedule, obtained by the Daily Beast, he met with Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and her far-right group Frontliners for Liberty “weeks after the Jan. 6 attack.” Frontliners for Liberty was involved in the planning of the Capitol attack and drew scrutiny from the House Select Committee to Investigate January 6. Robinson has been unresponsive to questions about the meeting’s purpose. 

This news comes after a recent report from WRAL, revealing Robinson calling January 6 a “minor thing” in 2023 and a “small debacle” in 2022. The article also highlights Robinson referring to January 6 detainees as “political prisoners,” and calling on Attorney General Josh Stein to resign for investigating criminal activity from the Capitol attack. 

The News and Observer has previously reported on Robinson’s belief that President Joe Biden “stole the election.” In 2022, he told the Conservative Political Action Conference, “I don’t care what you tell me, 83,000 [sic] people did not vote for Joe Biden. I don’t think 83 million people know who Joe Biden is.” 

One thing is clear: “Robinson is an unabashed, unapologetic election denier running in the same circles as other Republicans showing no repentance for stirring up an insurrection.”

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