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In First Television Ads, Josh Stein For North Carolina Highlights Clear Choice In Race For North Carolina Governor

Unearthed Comments Underscore Robinson’s Extreme, Callous Stance On Abortion: “You Weren’t Responsible Enough To Keep Your Skirt Down.” 

Today, Josh Stein for North Carolina launched its first two ads of the 2024 election cycle, a seven-figure ad buy showing North Carolina voters the clear choice in the race for Governor. While Mark Robinson would ban abortion “for any reason” and with “no compromise,” Attorney General Josh Stein continues to build on his record of working with Democrats and Republicans to keep people safe, tackle the fentanyl crisis, and end the rape kit backlog. 

Listen” uses Robinson’s own words to highlight his plans to ban abortion completely in North Carolina. The ad unearths a Facebook Live rant where Robinson says abortion “is about killing the child because you weren’t responsible enough to keep your skirt down.” 

“This November, North Carolinians will have a stark choice between a safer, stronger North Carolina with Josh Stein or Mark Robinson’s focus on stripping women of their reproductive freedoms and a vision for division that will kill jobs,” said Jeff Allen, campaign manager for Josh Stein for North Carolina. “Over the next five months, we are prepared to make sure every North Carolinian knows the stakes of this race – and we’re just getting started.”


Mark Robinson: Let’s say I was the governor and had a willing legislature, we could pass a bill saying you can’t have an abortion in North Carolina for any reason. 

Mark Robinson: For me, there is no compromise on abortion. It makes no difference to me why or how that child ended up in that womb.

Mark Robinson: Abortion in this country is not about protecting the lives of mothers. It’s about killing the child because you weren’t responsible enough to keep your skirt down. 

Mark Robinson: It’s not your body anymore.


Narrator: As our chief law enforcement officer, Josh Stein’s fought to keep us safe. 

Sheriff Kimbrough: Josh Stein tackled the rape kit backlog, bringing justice to survivors and putting rapists behind bars.

Debbie, advocate for fentanyl victims: He’s holding big drug companies accountable for the lives they wrecked, and he’s attacking the fentanyl crisis.

Narrator: And he’s worked with Republicans and Democrats to get it done: the only candidate for governor prepared to tackle our greatest challenges. 

Narrator: Josh Stein for a safer, stronger North Carolina.