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ICYMI: Washington Post Reveals Mark Robinson’s Long History of Downplaying Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

Mark Robinson “has for years made comments downplaying and making light of sexual assault and domestic violence.”

New reporting from the Washington Post uncovers past comments from Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson “downplaying and making light of sexual assault and domestic violence.”

While Vanity Fair previously reported Mark Robinson asking on Facebook, “So if someone beats the bird dog hell of their spouse at the mall…. is it still ‘Domestic Violence?,’” the Washington Post reveals Robinson posted about “then-NFL star Ray Rice, who was seen on a surveillance video dragging his apparently unconscious fiancée out of an elevator,” suggesting she was “at fault for the physical altercation.” The article also reveals that Robinson “has spent years repeatedly questioning the veracity of women who accuse prominent men of violence.” His comments include calling Harvey Weinstein a “sacrificial lamb” and “accusing the media of paying too much attention” to Rice’s assault of his fiancée.

Robinson has also “often expressed the belief that women did not want to face the same consequences for committing domestic violence that men do.” These new comments diminishing gender-based violence align with Robinson’s history of disrespecting women, which includes using offensive language about women in power, calling himself a “male chauvinist pig” saying women aren’t called to lead, and blaming abortions on women who “weren’t responsible enough to keep your skirt down.”  

“Mark Robinson’s long history of downplaying sexual assault and violence against women is just another example of his disrespect for women,” said Morgan Hopkins, a spokesperson for the campaign. “However offensive his words are, his plans to strip women of their freedoms if he were to become governor are much worse. This November, women across North Carolina will unite to reject Mark Robinson’s anti-woman agenda and elect a governor who will protect our rights.”