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ICYMI: State Senator Val Applewhite On the Anniversary of Abortion Ban: Robinson “Wants To Endanger Us Further”

On the one-year anniversary of Senate Bill 20, Republicans’ dangerous abortion ban, State Senator Valerie Applewhite tells the story of a near-rape she endured while serving in the military and underscores what’s at stake with reproductive freedom this November if Mark Robinson is elected.

She writes: “While Mark Robinson has dedicated himself to running health care out of North Carolina, Josh Stein has stood up for women’s health care – and for veterans’ health care – every chance he’s gotten. This grim anniversary, let us commit ourselves to making SB20 the end of our attack on women’s rights and women’s health care – not the beginning.” 

Read excerpts below: 

Fayetteville Observer: NC anti-abortion law puts military servicewomen at risk; Mark Robinson would make it worse