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ICYMI: Robinson Under Fire For Violent Rhetoric

It’s Time To Take…Threats Of Violence Literally And Seriously

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is once again spewing violent rhetoric, saying “some folks need killing.” Following the New Republic’s coverage of a June 30 speech where Robinson “appeared to endorse lethal violence against these unnamed enemies,” news organizations are shedding light on his “newly explicit calls for killing perceived enemies.” 

Despite the “red flags,” the Robinson campaign has sought to minimize his comments and even ignored “a question about who the people with ‘evil intent’ are” that Robinson says “need killing.” 

While national outlets have noted Robinson’s “history of controversial remarks,” they warn that these remarks represent a “dangerous low.” As MSNBC notes, “this is far from the first time Robinson has used the violent language of warfare.” Robinson has “expressed support for the 1970 National Guard shooting of anti-Vietnam War protesters at Kent State University.” He has also previously advocated for resisting the FBI, threatened to use his AR-15 if “the government gets too big for its britches,” said that God calls him to “go into battle and take the head of your enemy,” and supported “vengeance” against members of his own party.

These violent comments beg the question: “If Robinson’s solution to what he believes is ailing America is killing and brute force, does he intend to place Americans who disagree with him in the crosshairs?” 

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