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ICYMI: Josh Stein Pens Op-ed For Teacher Appreciation Week Highlighting Investments To Recruit & Retain More NC Educators

“As we think about how to truly support our teachers, saying ‘thank you’ is only the first step.”  

To kick off Teacher Appreciation Week, Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein penned an op-ed for Cardinal & Pine celebrating the teachers who shaped his life and calling for investments that truly demonstrate appreciation for teachers.

To help address growing teacher vacancies across North Carolina and recruit and retain more teachers, Stein advocates for raising teacher pay, hiring more support staff, and reinstating masters pay to retain experienced teachers. Stein also proposes a new student teacher stipend to encourage more North Carolinians to pursue teaching and help student teachers afford the cost of teacher training.

Read an excerpt from the op-ed below: 

Cardinal & Pine: During Teacher Appreciation Week, saying “thank you” is only the first step