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ICYMI: Josh Stein Is Committed To Campaigning Everywhere

Earlier this week, Attorney General and Democratic nominee for Governor Josh Stein visited Laurinburg on his “Real Time with Stein” listening tour, emphasizing his commitment to showing up and delivering for rural communities as North Carolina’s next Governor.

Speaking to a group of about 100 voters, Josh made clear that “this campaign is about trying to earn the trust and earn the vote of every North Carolinian” and that whether “you’re rural, urban or suburban, there is a place for you in this campaign.” 

Reporting noted that he “focused his message on promoting public education and expanding health care access,” highlighted his record “tackling the backlog of untested rape kits,” and shared his vision for “tackling the rising cost of living and cutting taxes for the working class.” Josh was joined by State Representative Garland Pierce, who praised him as “passionate about the state of North Carolina, the people of North Carolina, the veterans, families, educators, and all the different things that affect our lives daily.” 
From Laurinburg to Lexington, Josh is committed to showing up in every corner of the state and building a broad-based coalition that will help him deliver a safer, stronger North Carolina for every person.

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