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Huffington Post: Mark Robinson “Has a History of Demeaning Successful Women”

A new article from the Huffington Post, who previously highlighted Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson’s conspiracy theories, now reveals a long history of misogyny towards famous and successful women in particular. 

In their article published this morning, the Huffington Post finds a “pattern of offensive and disgusting language in the way he talks about prominent women.” This includes repeatedly referring to former First Lady Michelle Obama as a man who “emanates the stench of human waste,” calling Taylor Swift “Trailer Shift,” saying that Beyoncé “teaches our young women how to be hyper-sexual whores,” and “posting a series of gross memes attacking Hilary Clinton, including an image of her decapitated.” 

Robinson doesn’t believe women are called to lead and seemingly can’t hold himself back from demeaning women at every turn. Not surprisingly, his “baggage” is “worrying some top Republicans in North Carolina.” 

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