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For North Carolina GOP Gubernatorial Candidates, SB20 “Might Just Be The First Step”

An editorial from the Charlotte Observer underscores what’s on the line in the 2024 race for North Carolina governor as Republican candidates signal they will take abortion restrictions even further if elected. Mark Robinson said earlier this year he “would want to pass a law that makes abortion illegal ‘for any reason’ and Mark Walker declared SB20 as a “first step.”

While Republicans continue to show North Carolina voters how extreme and unpopular their anti-choice, anti-freedom agenda is, Attorney General Josh Stein has proven he’ll never back down from the fight to ensure politicians stay out of women’s health care decisions. As the editorial writes: “Republicans should be careful about going any further.”

Charlotte Observer: For Republicans, NC’s 12-week abortion ban might just be the first step | Opinion

By the Editorial Board – May 26, 2023