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“First In Fight” –  Reports Highlight #NCGOV As “Defining Contest” Between “Common-Sense” Attorney General & “Right-Wing Firebrand” 

On the eve of Super Tuesday, North Carolina’s gubernatorial race is drawing attention as “a crucial battleground in 2024” with the “two most different candidates possible” –  “a right-wing firebrand with a loyal following to match the loathing of partisan rivals” and a “moderate promising to safeguard democracy and what remains of state abortion protections.” 

Attorney General Josh Stein has built “a diverse coalition of support” while campaigning on a “vision that is forward looking, positive and optimistic” and highlighting his record as Attorney General “fighting the fentanyl crisis, putting child predators in jail and keeping communities safer.” 

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson has a well-documented history of “offensive comments” that “stand out even in Trump’s party” and has been “eager to dive into” job-killing culture wars, including banning abortion with no exceptions. Reports note that even Republicans have “worried that Mr. Robinson’s rhetoric could cost conservatives the executive mansion” and “create a toxic red tide for Republicans,” saying he is “history’s latest example of someone trying to rise to power through hate.”

While Stein continues to prioritize the “challenges that most voters care about, like improving education,” Robinson represents “a kind of extremism that North Carolinians, generally, tend not to reward, particularly in the race for governor.” 

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