Press Release

End Citizens United / Let America Vote Endorses Josh Stein for North Carolina Governor

End Citizens United (ECU) / Let America Vote (LAV) today endorsed Josh Stein for North Carolina governor. 

“As a former state senator and Attorney General, Josh Stein is a proven leader who’s unafraid of taking on the big fights to protect North Carolina families,” said ECU / LAV President Tiffany Muller. “Whether it’s preventing restrictive anti-voter laws, combating partisan gerrymandering, or holding greedy corporations accountable, he’s done it all. He has the vision and experience to bring meaningful change to Raleigh that will make government work for everyday North Carolinians, not just the wealthy elite. We’re proud to endorse Josh Stein for governor and look forward to helping him win.”

“Our government must be of, by, and for the people – not of, by, and for one political party,” said Attorney General Josh Stein. “North Carolina is no stranger to the harmful impacts of partisan gerrymandering and attacks on voting rights. I’m glad to have End Citizens United and Let America Vote by my side as we fight to protect our democracy and the people’s voice in it.” 

Stein has a strong record of standing up for democracy and holding greedy corporations accountable. He has promoted access to the ballot box and worked tirelessly to ensure no politician prevents voters from making their voice and their vote heard. Stein argued before the North Carolina Supreme Court that partisan gerrymandering violates the state constitution’s declared rights to free elections, equal protection, and free speech. He supported and called for the passage of the ILLICIT CASH Act, which aimed to prevent government officials from using shell companies to conceal funds. Stein also held corporate polluters, such as DuPont and Chemours, accountable and made them pay for their negligence.

ECU / LAV is dedicated to combating the two biggest challenges facing our democracy: the corrosive impact of Big Money and attempts to block access to the ballot box. Since its founding in 2015, the group has had over 1 million donors and raised $200 million, with an average donation of just $14. The group has more than four million members nationwide.