Press Release

Effective vs. Extreme: #NCGOV Week In Review

A stunning contrast in values, experience and messaging

This week, news reports make it clear why Attorney General and nominee for Governor Josh Stein continues to build momentum over Robinson in the race for North Carolina’s next governor, showing voters the clear choice between effective leadership and an extreme culture warrior.

This week, Attorney General Josh Stein announced that under his leadership, North Carolina had finally ended its backlog of untested rape kits. Beyond clearing the backlog, which dated back thirty years, “the state has made changes to make sure a backlog like this never happens again, including putting tracking numbers on rape kits so victims can see where they are in the process.”

In addition, Stein joined EPA administrator Michael Regan in Fayetteville to announce new national drinking water standards for PFAS. Stein, who has taken repeated legal action against companies polluting the Cape Fear River with PFAS, said, “Our children and grandchildren deserve clean air, clean water, and a healthy climate.”

Meanwhile, “there are growing signs that sustained public and media attention on [Mark Robinson’s] past, extreme views, and penchant for making outrageous statements, may finally be catching up with him.” As the 19th reports Robinson’s history of “online vitriol — particularly toward Black women,” the Charlotte Observer finds that Black voters are “wary of Robinson” and “alarmed and shocked by Robinson’s comments, especially about Black people and causes.”

National news outlets are picking up on Robinson’s “coattails effect but in reverse,” noting that his unique level of extremism could “drag down” the ticket. This weight on the state GOP may explain why “Robinson has failed to win the endorsement of several prominent state Republican leaders,” instead receiving “GOP stiff-arms.” 

The contrast between Robinson and Stein, a “solid, capable and experienced candidate,” presents “some troubled political waters” for the GOP nominee.