Press Release

Durham Pastor Pens Op-Ed In Support Of Josh Stein: “We Need This Leader With Proven History Of Bringing Communities Together”

With primary voting on the horizon, Reverend Dr. Jay Augustine of St. Joseph AME Church in Durham is making the case for Attorney General Josh Stein to be North Carolina’s next governor. 

In an op-ed for Spectacular Magazine, Rev. Dr. Augustine stressed the need for leaders in North Carolina like Josh who have “proven histories of bringing communities together as opposed to tearing them asunder.” He laid out Attorney General Stein’s history of public service, record of taking on “tough fights” for North Carolinians, and commitment to his faith as a “guiding compass and a solid rock.” 

In contrast, he noted how Lieutenant Governor Robinson “uses his Bible as a sword to split neighbors apart instead of bringing us together,” saying he is “shameless in flaunting his Christianity but has nothing to say about turning the other cheek or caring for the least of these.”

Rev. Augustine, who announced his endorsement last week, emphasized to readers that the “choice is in our hands.” He is one of nearly 300 leaders, including over 40 faith leaders, who are supporting Josh’s campaign for Governor.

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