Press Release

Culture Wars Threaten North Carolina’s #1 Best In Business Status

Today, CNBC ranked North Carolina the #1 state for business for the second year in a row. As Republican legislators roll back North Carolinians’ freedoms and threaten opportunities for families, Attorney General and candidate for governor Josh Stein released the following statement: 

“Our best asset is our people. Our talented workforce and our excellent community colleges make North Carolina an attractive destination for families and businesses. But future success is not a given. Extremists like Mark Robinson threaten North Carolina’s hard-won status as a top state for business. They choose to insult and intimidate teachers instead of investing in our public schools, take away people’s rights instead of empowering them to determine their own futures, and fight culture wars instead of fighting to lower the cost of living for working families. As your next governor, I’ll always work to ensure North Carolina continues to lead the way.”
CNBC noted that while North Carolina ultimately ranked first for business, the state was 38th in Life, Health, and Inclusion, down from 28th in 2022, in part because of the recently-passed GOP abortion ban. The drop is a warning sign that Mark Robinson and MAGA-extremism is a threat to North Carolina’s future success.