Press Release

Attorney General Josh Stein Celebrates The One-Year Anniversary of Medicaid Expansion

One year ago today, on March 27th, 2023, Governor Roy Cooper signed Medicaid expansion into law. Since North Carolina implemented Medicaid expansion on December 1st, more than 385,000 people have enrolled and gained access to affordable health care. Attorney General Josh Stein released the following statement to commemorate the anniversary: 

“Every North Carolinian should have quality, affordable health care. Medicaid expansion was the product of years of advocacy, bipartisan collaboration, and a shared sense of priorities. Because of this work, Medicaid expansion is now helping hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians afford their medical care, saving lives, strengthening our rural hospitals, and creating more jobs – but my opponent ‘hope[s] that it fails.’ Today, I commend Governor Roy Cooper and the many leaders – Democratic and Republican – who took on the mantle of achieving this victory, and I commit to protecting Medicaid expansion in North Carolina for years to come.”

Since his time as a state senator, Attorney General Josh Stein has advocated for Medicaid expansion. As Attorney General, he successfully defended the Affordable Care Act in the U.S. Supreme Court, making Medicaid expansion possible. Meanwhile, Mark Robinson has ridiculed Medicaid expansion at every turn, saying that he was “not pleased,” “dismayed,” and that he “hope[d] that it fails”. He has also expressed his support for repealing the ACA without replacement